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Lord Grey Quiz Night Friday 20 January 2017, 7pm - All Welcome. Governors' Community & Polices Committee Meeting 23 January 2017. Governors' Resources Committee Meeting 30 January 2017. Governors' Teaching & Learning Committee Meeting 6 February 2017. Half Term Holidays 13-17 February 2017. Governors' Full Governing Body Meeting 20 February 2017.

Welcome from the Headteacher

Front of school

Dear Parents and Carers,

I feel very honoured and privileged to be the Headteacher of Lord Grey School, as I know that it is a very caring, inclusive and supportive school, which has high expectations for students. It is an exciting, vibrant and compassionate school and there is a genuine concern to treat everyone as an individual. I believe in high standards of academic achievement, alongside a firmly held belief that school should be fun and exciting, and I know that the staff share this vision for the school.

Lord Grey School has entered a new phase in its development – one which is focused on rapidly raising academic achievement and continuing to make LGS a first choice local school. We are a popular school, and our aim is that all stakeholders hold the school in high esteem.

Our exam results have gone up for four years in a row. Ofsted have graded Leadership & Management and Behaviour & Safety to be Good, Grade 2. Our Sixth Form is firmly “good” and well established, with a rich and diverse curriculum offer.

We are committed, as a staff, to creating a calm, supportive, caring and respectful ethos which will enable all students to make the most of the opportunities presented here. This ethos will underpin our learning and enable students to make excellent progress and achieve high levels of attainment. We hope that we can work in partnership with all stakeholders to move the school forward even more. In particular we hope that the students develop a sense of ‘ownership’ and get involved in planning the future of their school.

Our intention is to develop the whole person. Working in conjunction with parents, we are laying the foundations which will produce well-educated, honest, positive and hardworking citizens of the future, who have the ability to form, develop and sustain caring relationships and who are fully aware of the part that they, as individuals, can play in making society better. Our core values promote the concept of ‘rights and responsibilities’ based on mutual respect and under-pinned by a rigorous but clear whole school behaviour code.

Dr Tracey Jones