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Mission, Aims & Motto

Lord Grey Academy is an inclusive school with a past heritage of specialist status in Languages and Humanities. We no longer hold these statuses (of our own choice as we are now moving to a “quality mark” model), but they continue to be vibrant areas of school life.

We value every student and challenge and support each student to achieve success.

Learning is at the heart of our school. We are a caring and purposeful community where academic work, extra-curricular activities, good behaviour and citizenship are central to our ethos, the Lord Grey Way. Working in partnership with parents and teachers, our students achieve success.

The Lord Grey Way

We expect our students to participate in school activities with pride and commitment. We want them to enjoy their learning and their time at Lord Grey. We encourage our students to actively develop an awareness of the world around them and the part which they, as individuals, can play in shaping the future.

Our Mission

Our motto, Lord Grey Can reminds all members of our community that there is no limit to our ambition where imagination can become reality. Our Aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment, a broad curriculum and the highest quality pastoral care so that all our students flourish.


Lord Grey Academy expects you to:

  • Achieve your personal best
  • Contribute and enjoy
  • Value and understand yourself and others
  • Embrace opportunities
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Develop confidence
  • Respect our core values.

“We achieve our aims by working in partnership. Students, parents and teachers work together supported by the local community.”


“Lord Grey Can”

Core Values

Our values of Determination, Ambition, Curiosity, Integrity and Civility are caught, taught and sought out so that we develop the character of Lord Grey students to prepare them for life beyond school.

We are Determined and Ambitious in the pursuit of knowledge and  our future. 

Determination means everyone challenges themselves to be the best version in all that they do. Ambition means identifying your goals, starting a daily process through which to achieve these goals, making regular reflections about your progress and celebrating accomplishments. 

We are Curious in our journey of learning. 

Curiosity is about asking questions, but also actively seeking out the answers. It is about the mindset of seeing failure as part of the learning process. Feedback is a gift. Being Curious widens our minds and opens it to different opinions, different lifestyles and different topics. 

We demonstrate Civility and Integrity

Integrity means doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect through supporting each other. We want our pupils to be compassionate, considerate and kind, always looking after those who haven’t been given the same opportunities. 

Lord Grey Academy Aspirational Learners

An "Aspire, Learn, Achieve" Assembly