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Uniform, Appearance and Equipment

The Governors and staff at Lord Grey Academy believe that the wearing of a distinctive school uniform makes an important contribution to the tone and reputation of the Academy. It gives students a sense of belonging, and stops students coming to school in clothes which are unsuitable for school.

Maisies Superstore and Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd are the main suppliers of Lord Grey Academy logoed uniform who maintain the agreed standard. The rest of the uniform can be purchased from any high street store or supermarket chain. 

Sixth Form Uniform

Sixth Form students do not wear uniform, but appearance is important and are expected to wear appropriate clothes for school which is based on the concept of smart office wear. Students on the PSG pathway can wear their PSG clothing. Items can be purchased in the club web shop PSG Academy UK ( . We want our Sixth Form students to be treated as individuals and act independently but we also want a collective presence around the school site which younger students, staff and visitors can respect. The many visitors to the Sixth Form judge the students and institution partly on appearances. Looking more professional also translates into taking oneself seriously as a student.

Year 7-11 Uniform

Top Half:

  • Lord Grey Green Blazer purchased from Maisies or Kedaph
  • White collared shirt (can be worn short or long sleeved) tucked in
  • Lord Grey coloured Tie – to be purchased from Maisies or Kedaph *
  • Black V neck plain jumper or plain black sleeveless V necked jumper.
  • Not to be worn in place of the blazer.

Bottom Half:

Choice of the following:

  • Black trousers – straight/boot cut style- purchased from any retailer.**
  • No jeans, leggings, jean style trousers to be worn.
  • Black knee length plain pleated skirt – purchased from any retailer however available from Maisies and Kedaph or the Lord Grey Kilt (knee length)
  • Tailored grey or black school shorts
  • Plain all black shoes/trainers with no different coloured logos etc
  • Skin tone or black tights (not footless)

*The same colour tie stays with them throughout their time at Lord Grey.
The tie colour for the outgoing year 11 year group will become the tie colour for the new year 7 group every year.

From September 2023 tie colours allocated for their duration at Lord Grey: Year 7 – Green Year 8 – Red Year 9 – Yellow Year 10 – Blue Year 11 – Silver tie.

**Definition of loose at the ankle – when the student is standing still and upright, the trouser fabric hangs naturally with at least 1.5cm gap between the trouser and the sock for the full circumference of the trouser leg. Thus there is room, hypothetically, to place a finger between the trouser and the sock, without having to stretch the fabric or pull at the seam. A boot cut style is deemed appropriate.

Sports Uniform

Top Half:

  • Plain black t-shirt
  • LG black and emerald Polo shirt capped sleeve
  • LG black and emerald rugby shirt
  • Plain black fleece top (no zip or cord, ¼ zip accepted, no hoodies) or LG fleece
  • Gum shields

Bottom Half:

  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black joggers or sports leggings
  • Plain black football socks
  • Shin pads

Other Sports Uniform Information

  • Training shoes/boots as appropriate for indoor and outdoor sports. Football boots will be required when playing football/rugby on the field.*
  • Suitable sports trainers (non-marking soles) are required for indoor lessons.*
  • It is recommended that students have a plastic bag for dirty clothes.
  • Showers are available; students are encouraged to bring a towel.
  • All items of clothing should be clearly labelled and brought to all lessons.
  • All jewellery must be removed on health and safety grounds.
  • Staff cannot take responsibility for any valuables during PE lesson.
  • If students opt to not bring Gum Shields/Shin pads the PE staff and School cannot be held responsible for any injuries related to the lack of this protective equipment.

NOTE  – If students are unable to take part in PE lessons due to illness or injury your PE kit is still required as you will be involved in the lesson as a coach or ‘teacher’. This will enable you to learn and progress without inhibiting your recovery.

Additional Rules

At Lord Grey Academy we recognise that young people will wish to express their personality through their clothing, wearing of jewellery, and choice of hairstyles. We have a uniform that is worn with pride and we require our students to wear their uniform correctly at all times. We also have some rules that cover jewellery, accessories, hairstyles and other items of clothing that may be worn to school.  These rules are kept to a minimum for the sake of clarity and are as follows:


Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons where long hair could be a danger.  Some subjects will have specific rules that all students must follow.

Make-up and nails

Make-up must be discrete and appropriate for school.
Students may wear nail polish but false nails, stick on nails and acrylic nails are not permitted for safety and practical reasons


Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and it is essential that high value items should not be worn to school due to the risk of them getting lost.  All jewellery should be studs only. Facial piercings other than a stud in the nostril should not be seen. For safety reasons hooped earrings or hooped nose piercings are not allowed in school. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons including earrings and nose studs. In some practical lessons students will be required to remove jewellery for safety reasons. 

Coats and winter wear

We encourage students to wear a coat as each day they spend at least an hour outside in the fresh air.  We do not stipulate a type of coat but when worn it should be worn over the blazer and not instead of it or under it. Students may well need to wear a hat, scarf and gloves but these should be removed when in the building.

At Lord Grey Academy we believe that wearing a school uniform provides the students with a sense of belonging and pride in their school. Our uniform expectations are clear in the above information. Uniform Infringements will be sanctioned in accordance with the behaviour policy.

School bag and equipment

Every student must carry a school bag that is suitable to carry everything you need for school.  The bag must be big enough to carry a number of A4 sized books/folders.  Students should carry in their bag the following items:

  • Their Knowledge Organiser
  • A pencil case containing 2 pens, 2 pencils, a sharpener, rubber, ruler, protractor, compass.
  • Maths Calculator.