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Uniform and Dress Policy
Appearance Advice
Equipment Advice

The Governors and staff at Lord Grey Academy believe that the wearing of a distinctive school uniform makes an important contribution to the tone and reputation of the Academy, gives students a sense of belonging, and stops students coming to school in clothes which are unsuitable for school.

Maisies Superstore and Kedaph Schoolwear Ltd are the main suppliers of Lord Grey Academy uniform to maintain the agreed standard. Both suppliers offer the same choice of services e.g. purchase in store, online ordering.

Sixth Form students do not wear uniform, but appearance is important and are expected to wear appropriate clothes for school which is based on the concept of smart office wear.  There is a compulsory Sixth Form dress code.  We want our Sixth Form students to be treated as individuals and act independently but we also want a collective presence around the school site which younger students, staff and visitors can respect. The many visitors to the Sixth Form judge the students and institution partly on appearances. Looking more professional also translates into taking oneself seriously as a student.

Uniform – Year 7-11 students will be expected to wear, on a daily basis:

  • White shirt/blouse with a formal collar and top button
  • Lord Grey tartan skirt, at least knee length, or black tailored trousers, loose at the ankle °
  • No jeans, jeans style trousers or leggings are to be worn
  • Black v-neck pullover, sleeveless, with House colour
  • Academy tie, with House colour, worn over top button of formal collared shirt
  • Sensible black shoes with dark laces – all black footwear
  • Skin tone or black tights (not footless)
  • Socks – dark/plain in colour
  • Green blazer (logo)
  • Dark/plain outdoor jacket/coat
  • Optional extra – long sleeved v-neck jumper with House colour, which can be worn at any time.

° Definition of loose at the ankle – when the student is standing still and upright, the trouser fabric hangs naturally with at least 1.5cm gap between the trouser and the sock for the full circumference of the trouser leg. Thus there is room, hypothetically, to place a finger between the trouser and the sock, without having to stretch the fabric or pull at the seam. A boot cut style is deemed appropriate.

Sports Uniform

The Lord Grey Academy Sports Kit is compulsory for Year 7 and Year 8 students commencing in September 2018.  All sports kit to be purchased from our uniform supplier Maisies Superstore. Alternative items cannot be worn in place of these.

This kit is optional for students in Year 10-Year 11. 

Sports Kit (Compulsory)

  • Black/Emerald Shorts (Unisex)
  • Black/Emerald Polo Shirt (Unisex) or Capped Sleeve Polo Shirt (Slim fit)
  • Black/Emerald Rugby Shirt
  • Black Football Socks

 Sports Kit (Optional)

  • Cuatro Fleece Top (Unisex)
  • Black Training Trousers (Unisex)
  • Black Base Layer (Unisex)



 Sports Kit (Compulsory)

  • Cuatro Fleece Top (Unisex)
  • Black/Emerald Shorts (Unisex) or LG Black Leggings (Year 7 and Year 8)
  • Black/Emerald Capped Sleeve Polo Shirt (Slim fit) or Black/Emerald Polo Shirt (Unisex)
  • Black Football Socks

 Sports Kit (Optional)

  • Black/Emerald Rugby Shirt
  • Black Training Trousers (Unisex)
  • LG Black Leggings
  • Black/Emerald Shorts (Unisex)
  • Black Base Layer (Unisex)

Students must remember NO ZIPPED HOODIES/TRACKSUIT TOPS OR LEGGINGS/JEGGINGS ALLOWED.  It is expected that students will come prepared during bad weather and should bring more than one t-shirt for extra warmth.


  • Shin pads/Gum shields as appropriate for football, rugby and hockey.*
  • Training shoes/boots as appropriate for indoor and outdoor sports. Football boots will be required when playing football/rugby on the field.*
  • Suitable sports trainers (non-marking soles) are required for indoor lessons.*
  • It is recommended that students have a plastic bag for dirty clothes.
  • Showers are available; students are encouraged to bring a towel.
  • All items of clothing should be clearly labelled and brought to all lessons.
  • All jewellery must be removed on health and safety grounds.
  • Staff cannot take responsibility for any valuables during PE lesson.

* These can be purchased from any supplier.

NOTE  – If students are unable to take part in PE lessons due to illness or injury your PE kit is still required as you will be involved in the lesson as a coach or ‘teacher’. This will enable you to learn and progress without inhibiting your recovery.


Sixth Form Male Students will be expected to wear:

Sixth Form Female Students will be expected to wear:

  • collar and tie
  • smart jacket or jumper
  • smart shoes and trousers.
  • smart shirt, top or blouse
  • tailored trousers or skirt of a suitable length
  • smart shoes
  • smart jacket, jumper or cardigan.
Many students have jobs outside school and often wear clothes which would fit this code.
Hair Hairstyles should be presentable in style (no shorter than a number two cut) and
colour within the range of natural hair colour. Tramlines and patterns are notpermitted nor are tramlines through the eyebrow.
Jewellery  Jewellery must be kept to a minimum

  • One small stud earring in each ear lobe
  • NO hooped earrings
  • A watch on the wrist (optional)
  • One plain ring on the hand (optional)
  • NO coloured plugs or studs
  • NO other facial piercings e.g. no eyebrow, nose or tongue piercings.
  • Retainers are not allowed because piercings are not allowed.
Bracelets, bangles (metal, material, leather etc.) and necklaces should not be worn.
  • For safety reasons, there should be no other body piercings.

Students failing to adhere to this policy will have the inappropriate jewellery confiscated.

 Clothing &   Appearance
  • No leather, denim, suede, fur or “hoodies”, leggings, club football regalia or excessive make-up.
  • Hoodies are banned and not allowed as an alternative to a coat.
  • Coloured nail polish is not permitted.
  • Hats are not to be worn in school, but can be worn walking to and from school.
  • Headbands if worn to be plain, black or dark green.
  • Headscarves to be totally plain, dark in colour.
  • Only badges issued by the school to be worn e.g. House pin, Principal’s Reward badge, Student Council badge, 100% attendance badge etc.
Electronic Equipment

Mobile devices need to be switched off and placed in the child’s school bag. They may not be used at any time during the school day. Headphones are also to be placed in their school bag. Any student seen using a mobile phone/device during the school day will have it confiscated. 

The school will accept no responsibility for the loss of mobile phones and other electronic devices for personal use. They are brought into school at one’s own risk.

Learning Equipment

The Governing Body believes that having the correct school equipment can significantly enhance the quality of learning opportunities for your child. At Lord Grey Academy we believe that all students should arrive for learning with the correct equipment. We wish our students to be equipped to meet the highest possible standards, yet it is not possible for Lord Grey Academy to provide equipment for individual students beyond that of stationery and course materials. We do insist that all students carry the required equipment at all times. Our essential equipment list is non negotiable.

All students must have a school bag, carried daily, of at least the size to carry
an A4 book/folder.

Essential – Pencil case including

Ball point pens, at least two

Pencils, at least two

Maths calculator



Campus Card

Pencil sharpener

Colouring pencils

Felt tipped colouring pens


Glue stick





  • Mini stapler
  • Pocket Thesaurus
  • Pocket dictionary
  • Mini foreign language dictionary.

Please note – Tippex is not allowed.

  • All the items can be purchased from Student Services.
  • Only pens with black ink MUST be used for all examinations.
  • Cooking ingredients for Food Technology is by arrangement.

Students must carry the appropriate equipment on a daily basis. This is one of the core, non-negotiable, principles of the school.