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Home Call

We would like to remind parents that we run a first day calling system. We would appreciate your support in keeping us up to date with telephone numbers and by returning any outstanding data checking sheets. Please be aware that students must register with their teaching group or sign in late before the registers close to be marked as present.

To report an absence

Please contact the school on the absence line early on the first day of absence before 8am, by calling on 01908 626167 and leaving a message stating the students name, form group and reason for absence. For each day of absence the absence line must be called before registration.

Please do not telephone our reception, the student’s tutor or Head of Year as this may result in a delay in the information reaching our Attendance Officer.

Similarly, all notes/letters need to be sent to Student Services promptly as delays could activate our first day calling system before the information reaches the central processing point.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Have a wonderful holiday… but not in term time

Headteachers are no longer able to grant leave for holidays during school term time. The Secretary of State for Education has stated that all holidays during term time are unauthorised and could be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of up to £60. If you require further information, please email:   or call 01908 391029.

The real cost to your child of a holiday in term time

  • Missed lessons
  • Anxiety and stress through falling behind in their work
  • Lower test/examination results
  • Lost opportunities in the future

Is it worth the price?

Good attendance means

  • Better chances
  • Better choices
  • Taking control of your life

The government and school’s attendance target for every student is 96% or higher.