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Pupil Premium Statement

Lord Grey Academy is an inclusive and caring school.  It is therefore important to us that we work with families to ensure all students reach their potential. High expectations and consistency of progress and achievement for all students is embedded throughout our school, irrespective of gender, race, culture or socio-economic background. This is further enhanced by ensuring Pupil Premium is used to maximum effect.

Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to students who are in one of the following categories: Students Looked After; students who are currently eligible for Free School Meals; students who are within a service family and those students who have received Free School Meals in the last six years (Ever 6 children).  Since April 2014, Pupil Premium Plus has come into effect whereby children adopted from care, or those children who have left care under Special Guardianship order since December 2005, also now receive funds.

From April 2014, the allocated money for Pupil Premium students is as follows: Children Looked After and those on Pupil Premium Plus receive £1900 a year; military children are allocated £300 a year and all other Pupil Premium children receive £935 a year. Students with Special Educational Needs, who are also Pupil Premium students, will therefore receive these funds, which will be used by the school to maximise and benefit each pupil on an individual basis bespoke to meeting their needs.

Lord Grey Academy is committed to the development of the whole child and we provide care for students which acknowledges that young people and families at times need more than simply an academic curriculum.  We provide wrap around care before and after school, mentoring, counselling, health care through our Health Advisor, mental health provision through a partner counselling service and family support through our Family Interventions and Community Support Manager. Our PP strategy is bespoke, it’s targeted and it’s obvious. We try to engage rapidly with issues, build trust quickly and start early intervention to break down complex barriers, once and for all. High expectations and consistency of progress and achievement for all students is embedded throughout our school and this is enhanced further by ensuring that Pupil Premium funding is used to maximum effect.

No one child is the same and thus this is reflected in the wide variety of ways PP funding is utilized.  The provision provided by Lord Grey encompasses both direct approaches to ‘narrowing the gap’ and other more creative interventions, which subsequently influence academic achievement and very importantly enhance the social and emotional well-being of PP students. We believe that PP should be used to impact the wider school but it is also pertinent that the PP is specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual PP students, in addition to, and in different ways from, our other intervention programmes.

Our key ethos and aims include:

  • Lord Grey Academy adopts a whole school approach with all staff being empowered and accountable for our pupil Premium Pupils. It is a key focus for the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) with a shared purpose and vision. On SLT there is one person designated as strategic lead for PP, but the whole team acknowledge the vital importance of a successful PP approach.
  • There should be no gap in progress or attainment between Pupil Premium students and non-Pupil Premium youngsters.
  • Pupil Premium funds will be ring fenced to directly benefit and target Pupil Premium students; they will be specifically tailored to meet their individual needs and the provision will include strategies which are in addition to and different from other intervention programmes, as required.

All expenditure is evaluated using key performance indicators, including attendance, attainment, progress and punctuality.

  • Pupil Premium is a key focus of teaching and learning and plays a crucial part in planning, monitoring and assessment by all classroom teachers.
  • Direct involvement by all stakeholders including our Pupil Premium Link Governor is at the heart of the school’s ethos.
  • Governors, especially our Pupil Premium Link Governor, need to be fully involved in the monitoring and evaluation of the Pupil Premium interventions, analysis and costings.

Our Pupil Premium lead is Ms Sally Cass. Dr Tracey Jones is the Principal and the  Pupil Premium Governor is Ms Janet Holloway-Smith.

Please also see our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement, 2016-17.

If you would like any additional information about Pupil Premium at Lord Grey Academy, please don’t hesitate to contact the school on 01908 626110.