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Curriculum Explained

At Lord Grey Academy we pride ourselves on having an ambitious and demanding curriculum that is wholly inclusive and meets the needs of all our learners. Our students engage in a curriculum that is:

  • Ambitious for all irrespective of starting points and focuses on the school motto that Lord Grey CAN. 
  • Broad and balanced; students study a wide range of subjects and spend an appropriate amount of time on each of these. 
  • Knowledge rich, well-sequenced and builds on prior learning across phases, including KS2. 
  • Relevant to earners and will equip them for the wider world, building knowledge and skills that will help them  in their future. 
  • Characterised by reading, which is taught through all subject areas. 
  • Reflective of our values of Determination, Ambition, Curiosity, Integrity and Civility
  • Robust in providing extra curricular opportunities that develop the skills to contribute positively to your community.
At Lord grey we run a three year KS3 and a two year KS4.
  • KS3 – Year 7, 8, 9
  • KS4 – Year 10, 11

Key stage 3

At Lord Grey Academy students in KS3 are taught a knowledge-rich curriculum that helps develop the core skills required to enable them to be successful at KS4 and beyond. Students are exposed to a variety of challenging texts across all subjects that develop their wider understanding of the subjects they study. Character is at the heart of students’ learning in all subjects and is consolidated in a rich PSHE and tutor programme that explores our school values in a variety of contexts.  Students’ independence is nurtured immediately from year 7, through the use of self-study, which is independent and self-guided homework.  Thai fosters a sense of responsibility in their learning and encourages them to build strong, effective study skills.   At the end of KS3, students are guided in selecting their option subject through a variety of careers sessions and with the support and direction of their form tutor.

Key stage 4 

Developing character continues to be at the heart of the curriculum at KS4 with students developing a range of core skills through their core subjects.  In English students study a broad range of challenging texts, aiming to develop their understanding of writers’ craft and fostering a love of reading.  In Maths students are provided with opportunities to improve their fluency when working mathematically and become problem solders enabling them to translate non-mathematical questions into mathematical ones, determine solutions and then communicate these to a range of audiences.  In Science the focus is on developing scientific curiosity and critical thinking skills, enabling them to make logical and informed decisions based on information presented to them. Students are guided into choosing either combined Science or Triple Science during year 10, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to be successful and continue to build their scientific knowledge.Students continue to study a broad and balanced curriculum at KS4 that will equip them to be successful in their futures.  All students are encouraged to choose a Humanities subject or a language, in order to maintain breadth in their studies.  Students choose from a wide range of engaging and enriching subjects including performing arts and creative arts subjects, vocational subjects, such as Child Development and Health and Social care.

Living a healthy lifestyle and becoming ‘fit for life’ continues to be central to the PE curriculum and opportunities for leadership are embraced through PE and extra curricular offers.  Employer engagement and learning about the world of work is embedded in year 10 and 11 tutor sessions and many opportunities are offered to enable students to understand the wide range of opportunities available in Milton Keynes and further afield.  Students in year 10 engage in a period of work experience, helping to prepare them for the world of world and inspire and motivate them.  

Key Stage 5

Our inclusive sixth form offers a wide range of qualifications, ensuring that the needs of all learners are catered for.  We offer a range of successful A Levels including Maths, the Sciences, Economics and Psychology.  We deliver an extensive range of very popular, and high-achieving, Level 3 vocational courses including Criminology, Business and Applied science.  We are one of the only schools in Milton Keynes to offer level 2 qualifications in our sixth form, ensuring there is a place for everyone.  We have an exciting array of enrichment activities on offer that all students select from; these include working with PSG, Aspiring Teachers programme, EPQ, Sports’ leaders and Languages for Business.  All students develop their characters and personal skills with a weekly personal development lesson and an extensive programme of additional opportunities to learn about future careers and study options is offered throughout students’ time in the sixth form.


Students at all key stages have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of additional opportunities through our varied extra-curricular programme, developing a range of skills and interests.  Opportunities  include participating in the annual school show, school band and choir, languages film club, debating club, the UKMT Maths challenge and numerous sporting opportunities including UV sports, Cricket and Badminton.  Students have an incredible opportunity to be coached and work alongside PSG, learning from professional coaches and associates.  Lord Grey Academy has a thriving student council that acts as ambassadors and leads on a range of initiatives including on student voting opportunities and fundraising.

As we are a large Academy we are able to offer a very wide range of subjects which harness everyone’s talents and aptitudes, a breakdown of how we offer this to each student can be found here; Lord Grey Curriculum 2023/2024 & Lord Grey Curriculum 2024/2025.

To read our Whole-School and departmental Curriculum intent statements, please follow this link.

Each faculty link below, will explain the subjects covered in Lord Grey’s curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11.  If you require further clarification, please contact the relevant Head of Faculty as detailed on each link.







Business and IT


Performing Arts

Creative Technologies

Tutor Time

To find out more about our Remote Learning Provision, please read the following document.

Remote Education Provision at Lord Grey: Information for Parents

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