Revision Guidance

When it comes to revision it can be hard to get started.  We want to help you develop and provide guidance in a range of areas, so you get the most out of your experience and get a head start ready for your summer examinations!

Revision Kit List

You MUST have the correct equipment for all your examinations.  You can purchase items/exam ‘ready pencil cases’ from Student Services at very reasonable costs.

Pens at least two (black ink) Pencils at least two Set Squares
Eraser Ruler Protractor
Compass Highlighters Scientific Calculator
Pencil Sharpener Clear Pencil Case

SCIENCE – How parents can help their son/daughter

  • Make sure that they have a revision guide
    These are available from the Science Prep Room at a cost of £5.50 for Combined Science (Higher or Foundation) and £8.25 for Separate Science (Year 9 and 10 set 1 only).
  • Help them to learn the Physics formulae 
    They can attend the Science Help Session on Friday 3.20pm – 4.20pm to collect a formula sheet and set of flash cards.  (We will even help them to make the flash cards). Please test them at home, just the same as you worked with them on spellings and times tables when they were at primary school.  The formula sheet can also be found on page 12  Newsletter Edition 08
  • Year 11 students will have Science tests next week (w/c 26 February 2018) for units 1-3.  This is the last opportunity for some students to change their tier of entry.  Checklists for each Science unit can be found under the Downloads & Links section to the right of the page.  Revision guides are still available from the Science Prep Room at a cost of £5.50.  For any last minute help, students should come to the Science Help Session in S02 on Friday at 3.20pm.

MATHS – How parents can help their son/daughter

Challenges to help with revision can be extremely helpful and assist with progress in readiness for the upcoming maths examinations.  Please click the links below for daily questions/tests.

Week 1 Challenge  Week 2 Challenge  Week 3 Challenge
Week 4 Challenge  Week 5 Challenge

ENGLISH – How parents can help their son/daughter