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Tips and Revision

Year 9 Revision

When it comes to revision it can be hard to get started.  We want to help you develop and provide guidance in a range of areas, so you get the most out of your experience and get a head start ready for your summer examinations!

Revision Kit List

You MUST have the correct equipment for all your examinations.  You can purchase items/exam ‘ready pencil cases’ from Student Services at very reasonable costs.

Pens at least two (black ink) Pencils at least two Set Squares
Eraser Ruler Protractor
Compass Highlighters Scientific Calculator
Pencil Sharpener Clear Pencil Case


GCSEPod can be used by students (they must make sure that they use the GCSE Combined Science OCR Gateway pages), as well as specimen and past questions which can be found on the OCR website and  We look forward to seeing lots of students at help sessions with past questions that they need help with!

Please continue to support your child with learning Physics formulae and key definitions.  Revision guides are still available from the Science Prep Room and help sessions  3.20pm-4.20pm every Friday.

Thank you for your support.
  • Help them to learn the Physics formulae  They can attend the Science Help Session on Friday 3.20pm – 4.20pm to collect a formula sheet and set of flash cards.  (We will even help them to make the flash cards). Please test them at home, just the same as you worked with them on spellings and times tables when they were at primary school. 
Challenges to help with revision can be extremely helpful and assist with progress in readiness for the upcoming maths examinations.  Please click the links below for daily questions/tests.
Week 1 Challenge  Week 2 Challenge  Week 3 Challenge
Week 4 Challenge  Week 5 Challenge
  • Test them on key quotations from either the poems or the novels they have studied.
  • Time them when they are answering exam style questions.
  • Watch their Shakespeare play with them, ask them to explain key details.
  • Encourage them to read good quality non-fiction texts e.g. newspapers and biographies.
  • Use the topic checklists to make sure all areas of the specification have been reviewed.
  • Encourage your child to read through notes regularly. Using colour pens to highlight and categorise can be useful.
  • Ensure your child is doing 30-45 minutes revision at a time, properly concentrating – no phones, laptops, ipads, TV etc.
  • Test your child using flash cards.  Explaining things to other people helps them to remember.
  • Get your child to think about causes and consequences, and to make sure they are able to make choices and justify decisions.

Downloads & Links

We have gathered together some information for you to download and keep, that will help with your exams…

GCSE Student Guide and Revision Information September 2018

Revision Resources Religious Studies and Social Sciences

Learn to Study Using Interleaving

Learn to Study Spaced & Practice

Learn to Study Using Retrieval & Practice

Helpful Websites

SAM Learning is a unique online resource for students.

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