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Student Council

Our Student Councils are a great extended learning opportunity for students who like to organise events or get their views heard. We are constantly striving to further promote student voice as a positive force for change in our school and community.

What is our Student Council for?

The Student Council is about:

  • Learning to work together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Learning how to play a positive role in our community.

Everyone is a part of the Student Council. It needs to get everyone:

  • Finding things they want to change
  • Coming up with ways to make them better
  • Putting those ideas in to action
  • Seeing what works (evaluating).

How do our Class Meetings work?

Every tutor group has a class meeting every week. The topic to be discussed in the meeting is shared the day before, so that everyone has time to think about it. A different person runs the meeting each time (with help from the teacher if they need it).

What will the Communications Team do for our class?

The ideas discussed during tutor time are noted down and passed on at the next Student Council meeting. The Communication Team will update the school on the findings of these meetings within two weeks. The Communication Team will try to help make these ideas happen by getting permission, support, money, and/or time. If they cannot action a request, they will explain why this is the case. If they can, they will want you to help make your own ideas happen. They will help you set up an Action Team to do this.

How do Action Teams work?

Any student can set up an Action Team, they just need to get at least five people to share their vision and have the Communications Team sponsor it. The students are responsible for running their own Action Teams. They must:

  • Meet regularly
  • Keep a register
  • Tell the Communications Team what their plans are.

We have set up a very successful fundraising group within the Action Team, who have organised several events to raise money for worthwhile causes such as Children in Need and Sports Relief. Other groups within the Action Teams currently include an eco-warrior group, a wellbeing group, and a gardening society.

At Sixth Form Level, we have a Student Principal Team, who help to raise the profile of the Academy. They do an important job of suggestingsideas for further improvement and acting as role models to younger school members. They tend to know the school, the staff and the local community very well and they are extremely helpful in terms of reflecting on what could be even better for future cohorts of learners.

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