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Student Leadership

At Lord Grey Academy we believe that every student has the ability to become a leader. Every student should aspire to lead and thus achieve their very best by showing their capabilities and dedication. Leadership is not always easy; it takes strength of character. We encourage our students to gradually develop this inner strength and confidence during their time with us.

There are many different forms of leadership, both at the school and in one’s wider life.  A leader is not necessarily someone in charge of an organisation, and nor does a leader need to have many followers. Everyone should lead. Leadership means striving to be the best one can be and setting a good example to others.

Students in the Lower School should be developing their leadership skills. Being able to demonstrate effective leadership skills will benefit our students hugely later in life, as such skills are very attractive to employers. Experience of leading breeds confidence and builds effective communication and listening skills. Students in the Upper School should be leading by being excellent role models, by showing their dedication to academic achievement and by using their own initiative and developing resilience. It is therefore our mission to provide a wealth of leadership opportunities to our students throughout their schooling, and to encourage all students to take up these opportunities.