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Year 9 Guided Choices 2023-2025

The curriculum at Lord Grey Academy is designed to secure strong aspirations and ambitions for all our students. It supports our young people to become effective learners and responsible community members, confident to achieve their place in a fast, ever-changing world. Throughout the curriculum, we focus on delivering knowledge effectively, assessing it rigorously and ensuring our students retain it. As all young people must remain in full time education until the age of 18 we believe that it is important that the curriculum in Year 10 and Year 11 is broad and allows students to be well prepared for their choices post 16 either at Lord Grey Academy or College.

All students will access a core curriculum which includes: 

  • English Language 
  • English Literature 
  • Mathematics
  • Science – either combined or single science course (this will be advised on your choices form by your child’s science teacher) 
  • Core PE
  • Core RE/PSHE

Students will study a further 3 option subjects. Students’ preferences, together with their subject progress and suitability, will be taken into account throughout the Guided Choice process. The first decision is to choose at least one of the following subjects: 

  • Geography,
  • History, 
  • French, 
  • German

(If you choose French or German it must be the subject that they have been studying in Year 9.)

The next decision is to choose two further subjects, which could include the subjects not already chosen above, or any other two subjects listed in the Guided Choice booklet which will be issued via Parentmail and student email on 9th March 2023.   Students will also select additional reserve subjects as all offers will be dependent on staffing availability and timetable constraints.  

Please see the timeline below for the full Guided Choice process: 

WC 20th February Launch of online careers programme to students in form time.- Students spend time looking at their career aspirations and focusing on qualifications needed to take this next step at 16 or 18.

Information assembly – Students will have an assembly that will explain the full process for Guided Choices.

WC 6th, 13th, 20th March Tutor 1:1 and subject information – Tutors will meet with each of their tutees to discuss options.  This will be an opportunity for students to seek advice from their tutor and discuss their future.  They will also have access to subject videos for the subjects on offer.

Thursday 9th March 2023 Guided Choices information evening – students and parents will
be invited to attend an information evening.  A talk will be given which will outline the process for selecting choices and all subjects will be represented by staff to answer questions, provide additional
information about the courses available and to look at school work.

The guided choices booklet will become available during the evening.

WC 20th March Taster week – students will have a taster lesson during one of their timetabled lessons to explore the difference between studying at KS3 and KS4.

Friday 24th March  Drop Down day for Year 9 – Students will be able to attend three lessons of subjects that they don’t currently study.  This will be an opportunity to find out about some of the subjects on offer.

Thursday 30th  March Year 9 parents’ evening – There will be an opportunity during your meeting to discuss potential options for Year 9 learners.  Google form will be available for choices
to be made.

Thursday 30th March Deadline for the completion and return of the Guided Choice Google form. Your child must make their final choices and return the completed form by Tuesday 18th April. 

Summer Term: Subjects will be allocated and confirmed with students. 

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