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Staff Contact Information

Our House system is based on vertical tutoring and is a vital social layer of school life. It is organised to establish – team spirit, sense of identity and belonging, healthy competition and rivalry, group loyalty, peer support and maximum participation. Each Tutor Group has about 22 members and the ethos is fully supportive. Each House has a designated colour, a nominated House charity and is led by the Head of House. The Assistant Head of House offers excellent support too.

Throughout the year a variety of inter-house competitions take place, culminating with Sports’ Day at the end of the summer term. These activities encompass all curricular areas and a range of extra-curricular activities in order to achieve maximum participation and interest throughout the Academy. In the final assembly of the year, the House Cup is awarded to the winning House.

Colossus House
Mr Ross Green, Head of House

Mrs Helen Whalley, Assistant Head of House

Telephone: 01908 626131

Enigma House
Mrs Jayne Dunn, Head of House

Mrs Judith Kirby, Assistant Head of House

Telephone: 01908 626173

Lorenz House
Mrs Linda Bowen, Head of House

Mr Ashley Selvester, Assistant Head of House

01908 626129

Turing House
Mrs Karen Wasway, Head of House
Miss Rebecca Brown, Assistant Head of House
Telephone: 01908 626172

Sixth Form Team
Mr Jason Darvall, Head of Post-16

Mr Stuart Hoggard, Senior Academic Tutor and Head of Year 13

Alison Butterfield

Telephone: 01908 626160/161/162

Sixth Form Academic Mentors

Amanda Brabin TU6A
Anne Sherwood TU6B
Mia Smithers TU6D
Rebecca Moran TU6E
Maria Edwards TU6F
Tim Layden TU6G
Year 13 Support
Stuart Hoggard TU6H
Penny Green TU6I

House Contacts

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