Introductory Notes for Teachers

This teachers' resource pack on climate change and ozone depletion is designed for science and geography students taking Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum, although it may be useful for A-Level courses as well.

Students will gain maximum benefit if all of the lessons are covered in the order set out in this pack. However, lessons may be used in isolation if teaching time does not permit, or if certain lessons prove relevant for a particular syllabus.

Lesson 1 provides an overview of the greenhouse effect and global warming. It includes a simple experiment which illustrates the basic principle of the greenhouse effect.

Lesson 2 reviews the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in more detail. It includes a simple experiment on the production and detection of carbon dioxide.

Lesson 3 discusses the complicated subject of ozone, reviewing its role as both a greenhouse gas and filter of damaging sunlight within the ozone layer.

Lesson 4 concentrates on the predicted impacts of global warming, in particular what is expected as a result of rising sea levels. An experiment on the effect of melting land and sea ice is included within the lesson.

Finally, lesson 5 looks at how we reduce the threat of global warming: how governments have addressed the problem and how we as individuals can manage our use of energy and transport, and our production of waste, more sustainably.

It is hoped that you will find this resource pack both useful and informative. If you have any criticisms, comments or ideas on how to improve the pack we would be very interested to hear them. You can contact us at the address below:

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