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Ethos Team

The Ethos Team are a part of the Grace Foundation:

‘We exist to transform Young people’s live through holistic education’

Our holistic vision is designed to support the aspirational, relational, and spiritual needs of students and their families.

Our work is structured around the following learning outcomes:

 Developing Character and Values

Helping students thrive by raising their aspirations, fostering respect, building resilience and hope, and empowering them to grow by serving others.




Building Healthy Relationship

Helping students learn to value themselves, enable them to identify the qualities of healthy relationships, foster digital relationship skills, grow in wisdom for intimacy and be equipped for long term committed relationships.



Understanding Christian Perspectives

(helping students explore the basics of Christian belief, discover how faith works in practice and understand why the Christian faith matters.)

Our Lord Grey Ethos Team

Hello! I’m Gina…

Gina Johnson Ethos Team Leader


Mrs Gina Johnson
Ethos Team Leader
01908 626 113


Hello, I’m Gina and the Ethos Team Leader for Lord Grey Academy.

My role as the Team Leader is to work with the Academy to impact young people and their families through holistic education and to deliver a bespoke Ethos programme for the students. I have previously worked in education as a tutor and mentor, in the community supporting disadvantaged young people and families.

I am passionate about providing opportunities for young people to progress and achieve their full potential which is why I am so excited about this role. I believe that communication and parnership working are pivital to progresion, growth and change for young people which is why if you have an questions about what the ethos team offer I would love for you to get in touch.

The Ethos Blog

The Ethos blog is regularly updated by the experts that make up the Ethos teams across the country and provide resources and advice to support the aspirational, relational, and spiritual needs of students and their families.

Find the blog here.